Beautiful Commerical Property in Ringwood, NJ

1093 Greenwood Lake Turnpike from NJ Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Take a minute or two to watch the video of this gorgeous office for sale in Ringwood, NJ. It’s not often that you can refer to an office space as gorgeous – but 1093 Greenwood Lake Turnpike is definitely the exception!

To start, the view of the Montsville dam is inspiring as is the freshwater stream that flows through the plush yard. The large Victorian building boasts many different rooms and spaces that is zoned for many types of uses – which is great because a variety of entrances enables you to bring several businesses into this one large space!

If you’d like to view this wonderful office building up for sale in Ringwood, you can first check the listing here and then give me a call at 201-240-5200!

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