Conversations With Your Children Have A Positive Effect

Dated: 02/19/2015

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(NC) When it comes to mental health, a communication gap divides Canadian parents from their kids. You can do a lot to protect your child just by talking, say advisors in this field.

According to the 2012 RBCChildren’s Mental Health Parents Poll, here’s how to start the conversation:

  • Set a good example. If you’re feeling grumpy after work, admit it. Be a role model of coping.

  • Encourage openness. Praise your child for bringing her concerns to you. Remind her that you’re always ready for her questions.

  • Problem-solve with your child. Let him tell you how crushed he feels because he didn’t get the part he wanted in the school play. Point out that while disappointment is okay, beating himself up is not.

  • Watch for conversation starters. Life is full of opportunities to show that no topic is off limits, even the most challenging. Make sure your child understands emotional pain can be treated, just like physical pain.

RBC supports a wide-range of programs that help children and youth stay happy and healthy, inside and out, such as their initiative called the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project. More information can be found at


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