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House hunters now take average of eight visits and up to 16 weeks before putting offer in on their ideal home

  • House hunters need to visit eight homes before they choose one, according to new study

  • However, one in 14 homeowners insist they would be happy to make an offer on first house they see

  • Typical time to find the perfect home is 16 now weeks but over half know during or immediately when they've found 'the one'


PUBLISHED: 18:17 EST, 7 July 2014 | UPDATED: 19:58 EST, 7 July 2014


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We need to visit eight homes before we choose the right one for us, according to a new study into house buying.

The research found the typical home hunter feels equipped to make a decision after seeing eight options.

However, one in 14 homeowners (7 per cent) insist they would have been happy to make an offer on the first house they saw, according to new research from E.ON.

The study suggests the typical time to find the perfect home is now 16 weeks.

But people tend to know quickly when they've found 'the one', with over half knowing during or immediately after the first viewing (59 per cent).

Researchers claim house buyers spend an average of 16 weeks on the market before purchasing a home+2

Researchers claim house buyers spend an average of 16 weeks on the market before purchasing a home

And 3 per cent of homeowners even say they knew as soon as they saw the property advertised.

The survey of 2,009 adults, conducted to explore people's attitudes to home buying and energy efficiency, found that location is still the most important factor (74 per cent).

This is followed by mortgage costs (56 per cent), size (53 per cent) and the amount of work needed on a property (40 per cent).




Meanwhile, the biggest incentive for getting on the property ladder is financial, with 67 per cent saying the best thing about owning a property is the long-term investment potential.

The next most compelling advantages over renting were thought to be the security of knowing you won't have to move unless you want to (65 per cent) and not having a landlord to answer to (59 per cent).

It seems the majority aim to become house owners in their 20s (62 per cent), although an ambitious 29 per cent had set their minds on being homeowners by the age of 19.

But the reality of purchasing is less positive, as over half (53 per cent) of non-home owning adults across Britain fear they'll never get on the property ladder.

Seventy-six per cent of first home buyers said they felt efficient energy heating systems were important+2

Seventy-six per cent of first home buyers said they felt efficient energy heating systems were important

Lack of funds (66 per cent) is the main thing stopping potential housebuyers.

In terms of energy efficiency, 76 per cent of first time buyers say it's very important, compared to two-thirds of existing homeowners (65 per cent).

Most people feel a new build will be the most energy efficient type of property (85 per cent) with Edwardian homes deemed to be the least (2 per cent).

Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON, said: 'Home hunters feel confident they can judge what's out there once they've seen an average of eight properties.

'Most people identified new builds as being most energy efficient - but older properties can be efficient too.

'Before making a decision, buyers should make sure they know about the condition of the property's heating system and whether it's well insulated.

'Energy suppliers can help with free or discounted insulation and boiler replacements for people who qualify.'

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