Pig Roast At Blind Boar In Norwood On August 30th

Dated: 08/12/2014

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Blind Boar Pig Roast on Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 6-8pm at Bling Boar BBQ, Norwood, NJ

About Blind Boar in Norwood:

You can’t just buy any old store-bought barbecue sauce, slather it on a rack of ribs, and chow down. Well you can, but what you’re eating will be… what we’ll call Barbecue Light. There’s a reason there are barbecue competitions across the nation, with people jealously guarding their secret ingredients like they’re more important than your firstborn: real barbecue lingers on the tongue, gets you down into your meat, brings out every flavor and knocks you over the head with a bit of spice to finish it off. You can’t eat barbecue and keep your hands clean; you want to suck every last inch of sauce and meat off the bone.We look forward to making delicious smoked ribs and brisket, amongst other tasty dishes.Our goal for Blind Boar is to create “casual, serious food”, well made southern comfort food that makes you feel good inside, presented with great beers and bourbons to compliment the upscale ingredients. Fear not though, towel racks will be at each table, to encourage revelry in one’s food.Keep your eyes on our Facebook page to receive updates, specials, and menu items, as well as photos and videos of the restaurant. Or stop by at 595 Broadway, Norwood NJ, and see what delights you on the menu.
General Information
Open 7 days a week
Dine In or Take-out – We Deliver!
BBQ all year round!
Reservations for 6 or more
Catering at your place
Catering at our place
Kids welcomed
Family events arranged
Party time all the time
Call our catering manager for more information

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