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Dated: September 8 2014

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Just in time for summer, the first surf inspired fitness class has opened in Montclair at NJ Surf Fitness, held at Shukokai Karate Studio at 100 Grove Street.Despite being a born and raised Jersey girl, I’ve never been too fond of the beach. I’m a Jersey City girl after all. Still, I’ve always been fascinated with surfing. Maybe it was all thoseGidget movies I loved growing up — Moondoggie was so dreamy. When I learned about the surf fitness classes, I was excited to get on board.NJ Surf FitnessNew Jersey natives, Fred Trauerts, owner of NJ Surf Fitness, and instructor Alison Siderko, are both surfers and have backgrounds in health and fitness. They use their expertise throughout the class — Alison while leading and Fred by offering tips and modifications to those on the boards.About those boards. The Ripsurfer X is basically a short surf board on top of a balance base meant to recreate the instability of a surfboard on water. Every exercise on the board engages your core muscles since you have to constantly balance yourself or risk wiping out, which I did twice, until I got the hang of it.The hour long workout is a mashup of yoga (doing Downward Dogs on a surfboard is NOT easy), strength training (you use a weighted bar for upper body exercises), Bootcamp (damn those Burpees), cardio, and ends with Alison and Fred leading you through a fun guided surfing session – on land.NJ Surf FitnessDespite not doing your typical cardio exercises, the constant balancing and intervals of aerobic bursts, gets your heart rate up to a point that you know you’re getting a a tough workout. And the next day you WILL feel sore in every muscle in your body. Don’t let that intimidate you however, the surf fitness workout can be modified for any level. And it was really fun, an important aspect of any fitness program.NJ Surf Fitness currently offers two classes a week, Sunday mornings and Monday evenings. Singles classes cost $25 and 3-5 class packages are offered at lower class rates.

NJ Surf Fitness
100 Grove Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042
(973) 518-1463
Facebook: NJ Surf Fitness
If you prefer learning to surf on the water, Fred and Alison offer surfing lessons down the shore at at Manasquan, NJ.

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